Vatos Locos 13 is now in the Philippines (Filipinas)

Vatos Locos

Vatos Locos (in English, Crazy Dudes) is a widely used name for a street gang. Gangs using this name are active in
several American states.

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The film Blood in, Blood out (1993) about the life of poet Jimmy Santiago Baca in 1972, was based on the experiences of gang members of Vatos Locos.
The video game Call of Juarez: The Cartel features a fictional Vatos Locos gang.
“Vatos Locos” is also the title of Damian’s Chapa’s new movie, released on 6/1/2011. The film stars Damian Chapa who was also “Miklo” in the film “Blood In Blood Out”. The movie is produced by Damian Chapa’s production company Amadeus Pictures. The film is not an extension nor a sequel to the cult hit “Blood In Blood Out”. The title and
actor Damian Chapa are the only similarities between the two.

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