Menace of Destruction

The MOD Gang
Menace of Destruction are a Hmong gang that came into being around 1988. Also known as Masters of Destruction or MOD, the gang was founded by former members of the Peace MOD following a break up in the Fresno County of California(around 250 miles to the north of Los Angeles). A number of other gangs were formed from the same events including the Asian Crips, Oriental Ruthless Boys(ORB) and the Mongolian Boys Society.

The stated goals of the Mod gang are to eradicate racism and maintain dignity on the streets and they intend to represetn bothe Bloods and Crips. Despite the stated racial equality goals most of the membership of the MOD Gang are Hmong teens who grew up with the gang culture or were later recruited to the gang. There are however a limited number of Blacks, Hispanics and Caucasians.

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