Gangster Disciples is now in the Philippines

Gangster Disciples  is now in the Philippines

The Gangsters Disciples have roots that date back to the 1960s.  Larry Hoover is the current leader of the GDs and has been since 1974.  The story starts when Larry Hoover was born in 1950.  He was born in Jackson, Mississippi on November 30, 1950.  In 1955, when Larry was 4 he moved to Chicago with his family.  In 1964 when Hoover was 13, he wanted to join gang of 50 older youths called the Supreme Gangsters (the Supreme Gangsters used the heart with wings as their symbol).  They hung around where Hoover lived which was the corner and 68th and Green Street.  Hoover was kicked out of High School on the first day of his sophomore year because he got shot in the thigh by a rival gang member in 1965.  Kicked out of school, Hoover soon took to a life of extortion tactics from hookers, gamblers, and drug dealers.  Within due time Hoover became the leader of the Supreme Gangsters.  In 1966 Hoover and the Supreme Gangsters overcame the King Cobras with whom outnumbered the Supreme Gangsters and Hoover caused most of the Cobras to become Disciples and join the BDN under Barksdale.   Eventually Hoover was able to organize the Gangster Nation which was the absorbing of several gangs in the Englewood neighborhood. These gangs included: The Supreme Gangsters (the father/main branch of the gangster nation), Imperial Gangsters, African Sniper Gangsters, Raven Gangsters, High Supreme Gangsters, Russian Gangsters, Maniac Gangsters, Mafia Gangsters, 75th Street Syndicate Gangsters, Outlaw Gangsters, 95th Street Supreme Gangsters, the Dells Gangsters, West Side Supreme Gangsters, Racketeer Gangsters, East side Syndicate Gangsters, Gent town Gangsters, and the Black Pimp Gangsters of the West Side.
Barksdale created the Disciple Nation that consisted of: Devil’s Disciples, Devit’s Disciples, Falcon Disciples, Royal Disciples, Renegade Disciples, Executioner Disciples, Boss Pimp disciples, East Side Disciples, Sircon Disciples, Motown Disciples, Dutchtown Disciples, Gonzato Disciples, Six-Tray Disciples, Maniac Disciples and four-Tray Disciples. Also during this period of time, David Barksdale controlled the Del Vikings, the Black Souls, and the West Side Cobras.  The Black Disciples and the Gangster Nation were two alliances, basically similar to the present day Folk Nation. Before the gangs would join either Gangster Nation or Black Disciples, they had to alter their names a little, to be in the Disciple nation u had to adopt the last name of Disciple (there were exceptions like the Black Souls, West Side Cobras, and Del Vikings).  The rest  of the gangs that joined had to adopt the last name of Gangster.
During the late 1960s the Gangster Nation was growing but still behind the development of the Black Disciples and the Black P. Stone Rangers; However, Barksdale and Hoover had a good alliance.  Jeff Fort who was the leader of the Black Stone Rangers at that time invited Larry Hoover the absorb his Gangster Nation into the Black Stones and offered Hoover the position as an ambassador which was a much lesser position than Hoover’s present position as the leader.  Fort offered to rename the Gangster Nation to the Gangster Stones, Hoover declined this offer.  Instead in January, 1969 Hoover and Barksdale combined forces and created the Black Gangster Disciple Nation.  They then combined the heart with wings with the devil’s tail, horns, and pitchfork.  They also adopted the six point star to symbolize “King David” of the Jews because Barksdale was also a King David.  They name was a combination of the Gangster nation name with the Black Disciple nation name to form “BLACK GANGSTERS DISCIPLES.” The BGDN at that time was an alliance and not a gang.  So Barksdale and Hoover were enemies in the 60s.  Then when the BGDN was formed, the wars ended and they instead combined forces to destroy (or attempt to) the Black P. Stone Rangers.  However; the external goal was to form a coalition that would better the community and the members of their organizations.  The BGDN soon became active in the community; they participated in several programs and opened up a gas station and some restaurants they even helped to keep kids in school by assisting in enforcing truancy policies.  The BGDN was starting to move in a positive direction in the early 1970s.  Even though the BGDN was moving in a positive direction, there suddenly developed a massive flooding of drugs into the black communities they lived in, soon members either were using the drugs or getting rich off selling the drugs.  All these drug activities both done by the BGDN and even drug activity not done by the BGDN were destroying the community.  Eventually the BGDN was engrossed in the drug trade.  More tragedy would soon befall the BGDN in the early 70s.  In 1973 Larry Hoover was sentenced to a life sentence on November 5, 1973 for murdering a drug addict.  Joshua Shaw was the witness to testify against Hoover who claimed he saw Hoover and Andrew Howard kidnap William Young from 69th and Wentworth, Later Young was found shot dead in an alley way at 6814 S. Lowe on February 26th, 1973.  Young was said to have stolen drugs from the BGDN’s drug supply because Young was an addict.  Howard and Hoover were given 150-200 year sentences each.  Then on September 2, 1974 David Barksdale died of Kidney failure that was caused by complications from a gunshot wound that Barksdale got in 1968.  Afterward a new president needed to be appointed and it was to be between Hoover or Jerome Shorty Freeman.  It was decided that Hoover should be the new President.  Four years later in 1978, Freeman disbanded from the BGDN to make the Black Disciples a separate organization.
It was very frustrating for law enforcement when the saw how the BGDs were still functioning full force and making massive profits on the streets and still growing in numbers even with King Barksdale dead and King Hoover in prison (King the title given to the two because they were essentially kings of the street).  Hoover’s power was shown even more when he did two major things in 1978.  One thing he did was he ordered an inmate riot at Pontiac prison in Illinois.  The riot resulted in three dead correctional officers.  There was no disciplinary action because all of his GDs refused to testify.  The second great showing of power was when Hoover created the Folk Nation. At this point in time the BGDN was one street gang and not an alliance like it was in 1969-1978; therefore, Hoover wanted to create a new alliance that would unify several street gangs.  Because of their past relations with the BGDs the Black Disciples joined Folk so did the newly formed Black Gangsters that were a break away gang that used to be part of the BGD prior to 1978 on the west side.  The Satan Disciples joined Folk because they were related to the Black Disciples.  The Latin Disciples joined because they formed an alliance with the BGDs earlier in the 70s.  Then all the gangs that were in the U.L.O (United Latino Organization) with the Latin Disciples joined Folks: Imperial Gangsters, Latin Eagles, and Spanish Cobras.  The Spanish Cobras good friends the Orchestra Albanies joined Folks that year because Cobras did.  Hoover then offered Simon City Royals a good business proposition if the Royals joined Folks; therefore the Royals joined Folks and they got their closest allies the North Side Insane Popes to join Folks too.  Two Six also joined Folks that year.  Hoover had absorbed some of Chicago’s biggest and fastest growing gangs.  In the early 1980s, the Folk nation expanded and took in several other gangs.  By this time the BGDs had opened up sets on the North Side of Chicago they even opened up a Latino faction known as the Spanish Gangsters Disciples.  Throughout the 1980s Hoover held together the Folk nation while incarcerated behind prison walls as the BGDN recruited more and more members and opened up more and more sets all around Chicago and into the suburbs.
In 1991 the BGDs and the BDs started shooting at each other which started an interalliance war.  This war set a bad example for all gangs under the Folk nation and several interalliance wars broke out within the Folk Nation.  Also the BGDs went to war with the Black Gangsters too which caused the Black Gangsters to sever all ties and even leave the Folk alliance.  During the month of August in the year 1991 when the BGDs and BDs went to war, the BGDs were so angry with the Black Disciples that they dropped the letter B from their initials which mean they were no longer known as the Black Gangsters Disciples but now known as the Gangsters Disciples or GD or GDN.  Also in the early 1990s the GDs became the largest street gang in Chicago.  The power of the gangsters Disciples was so great that they were bringing in millions of dollars from drug profits alone.  In 1993 their was a GD picnic held in Kankakee, Illinois that about 10,000 GDs attended to hear Larry Hoover speak over a phone from prison.  This event was a political based event.  Hoover created the concept of Growth and Development in 1993 which stated that the GDs were no longer involved in criminal activities.  In 1995 operation Headache was launched that took down 39 high ranking GDs.  The goal was to hurt GD leadership and cripple the gang’s operations.  One result of Headache was that Hoover now had to serve a life sentence and he was moved to a more secure prison.  263 informants along with bugging of visitor’s badges were enough to convict Hoover and the other leaders.


The Outlaw Gangster Disciples originally formed in the decade of the 1990s within the confines of the Cabrini Green housing projects on the Northside of the city of Chicago.  The group was founded and headed by a high ranking member by the name of Charles “BIG SHOT” Dorsey.  Dorsey was young a extremely charismatic and used his muscle to intimidate his peers. During the 90s Chicago organizations were extremely well structured and organized, causing each and every deck from every organization in Chicago to pay street taxes to their heads whom were majority residents within the confines of Illinois Pens.  Dorsey and his Outlaw Gs were sick and tired basically fed up with paying taxes to people whom they considered inactive not putting in actual work for the nation, so Dorsey met with his particular branch of Outlaw Gds in the confines of Cabrini and they decided to cease paying taxes to their top heads and eventually severed all ties to GDN. This angered top GD leaders and caused a all out war within the Cabrini Green housing projects between not opposing organizations, but the first time in Chicago history GD vs GD. The Outlaw GDs were at war with the law abiding GDs who considered to remain under the umbrella of their tops and follower their rules. The Outlaw GDs despite being out numbered at the beginning of their origin grew rapidly and eventually flipped all regular former GDs to RENEGADES in Cabrini Green.

The high ranking Gds were threatened by the money making violent Outlaw GDs so they made Dorsey and his goons a offer they couldn’t refused. High ranking GD leaders offered Dorsey a top position within GDN while still retaining sole leadership of his official Outlaw Gangster GD faction. Dorsey accepted and things went back to normal in Cabrin for a while although the traditional GD members were still upset and angry with Dorsey for his actions in other words they “forgave him but they damn sho didn’t forget”. Dorsey ended up opening a night club/sports bar in the hood. 1 night in the mid to late 90s during after hours at the club GD foot soldiers stormed in and shot Dorsey fatally several times which killed him and ended his reign as king of the Outlaw Gangster Disciples.  Despite Charles “Big Shot” Dorsey’s death the Outlaw Gangster Disciple mentality has spreaded all throughout Chicago’s southside, westside….etc GD decks period nation-wide. The Outlaw Gangsters set the way for other multiple Renegade GD branches under the OUTLAW GANGSTER DISCIPLE umbrella such as the: Lawless GDs, Outlaw GDs….etc that still exist today.


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ISIS or Islamic State, Al Qaeda and Islam is now in Latin America and **** English ISIS (ISIL/IS) or Islamic State or Daesh, Al Qaeda, Islam and Muslims are now in the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America like Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Central America Northern Triangle, Panama Canal, Colombia, Andes, Amazon, Guyanas, Triple Border Region and Patagonia. Southern Mexico is now the land of the Mayan Muslims. Islam is now the religion and will become an official religion in Chiapas, Mexico. Muslim groups and peoples from all over the world will come to Chiapas and intermarry with the local Maya tribes. The vengeance of the Maya with the help of Islam and groups like ISIS will wreck havoc on Mexico, Central America and the United States of America. Jews will never be safe in America anymore. Also the Indigenous Native Americans with United States, Canada, Caribbean, Greenland and the other native tribes of Latin America will embrace Islam too. ******* Spanish ISIS (ISIL / IS) o Estado Islámico o Daesh, Al Qaeda, Islam y Musulmanes están ahora en los Pueblos Indígenas de América Latina como el Sur de México, Guatemala, Triángulo Norte de América Central, Canal de Panamá, Colombia, Andes, Amazonas, Guyanas, Triple Región Fronteriza y Patagonia. El sur de México es ahora la tierra de los musulmanes mayas. El Islam es ahora la religión y se convertirá en una religión oficial en Chiapas, México. Grupos musulmanes y pueblos de todo el mundo vendrán a Chiapas y se casarán con las tribus mayas locales. La venganza de los mayas con la ayuda del Islam y de grupos como ISIS destruirá estragos en México, Centroamérica y los Estados Unidos de América. Los judíos nunca estarán seguros en América. 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Güney Meksika şimdi Maya Müslümanlarının ülkesidir. İslam şu anda dindir ve Chiapas, Meksika’da resmi bir din haline gelecektir. Dünyanın dört bir yanından gelen Müslüman gruplar ve insanlar, Chiapas’a gelecek ve yerel Maya kabileleri ile evlilikleşecek. Maya’nın İslam’ın ve ISIS gibi grupların intikamı, Meksika, Orta Amerika ve Amerika Birleşik Devletlerinde büyük yıkıma yol açacak. Yahudiler artık Amerika’da asla güvende olmayacak. Ayrıca Amerika Birleşik Devletleri, Kanada, Karayipler, Grönland ve diğer Latin Amerika ana kabileleri ile Yerli Yerli Amerikalılar da İslam’ı benimseyecektir. **** German ISIS (ISIL / IS) oder Islamischer Staat oder Daesh, Al Qaida, Islam und Muslime sind jetzt in den indigenen Völkern Lateinamerikas wie Südmexiko, Guatemala, Mittelamerika Nordtriangle, Panamakanal, Kolumbien, Anden, Amazonas, Guyana, Triple Grenzregion und Patagonien. Südmexiko ist jetzt das Land der Maya-Muslime. Der Islam ist nun die Religion und wird eine offizielle Religion in Chiapas, Mexiko. Muslimische Gruppen und Völker aus aller Welt kommen nach Chiapas und verheiraten sich mit den dortigen Maya-Stämmen. Die Rache der Maya mit Hilfe des Islam und Gruppen wie ISIS wird in Mexiko, Zentralamerika und den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika verwüsten. Juden werden in Amerika nie mehr sicher sein. Auch die indigenen Ureinwohner Amerikas mit den Vereinigten Staaten, Kanada, Karibik, Grönland und den anderen einheimischen Stämmen Lateinamerikas werden auch den Islam umarmen. *** French ISIS (ISIL / IS) ou l’Etat Islamique ou Daesh, Al-Qaïda, l’Islam et les Musulmans sont maintenant dans les Peuples Indigènes d’Amérique Latine comme le Sud du Mexique, le Guatemala, le Triangle Nord de l’Amérique Centrale, le Canal de Panama, la Colombie, les Andes, Région frontalière et Patagonie. Le sud du Mexique est maintenant le pays des musulmans mayas. L’islam est maintenant la religion et deviendra une religion officielle au Chiapas, au Mexique. Des groupes musulmans et des peuples du monde entier viendront au Chiapas et se marieront avec les tribus mayas locales. La vengeance des Mayas avec l’aide de l’islam et des groupes comme ISIS fera des ravages sur le Mexique, l’Amérique centrale et les États-Unis d’Amérique. Les Juifs ne seront plus en sécurité en Amérique. Aussi les indigènes amérindiens avec les États-Unis, le Canada, les Caraïbes, le Groenland et les autres tribus indigènes d’Amérique latine embrasseront aussi l’Islam. ***** Italian ISIS (ISIL / IS) o Stato islamico o Daesh, Al Qaeda, l’Islam ei musulmani sono ora nelle popolazioni indigene dell’America Latina come il Messico meridionale, Guatemala, America Centrale Triangolo del Nord, Canale di Panama, Colombia, Ande, Amazon, Guyanas, Triple Regione di confine e la Patagonia. Sud del Messico è ora la terra dei musulmani Maya. L’Islam è oggi la religione e diventerà una religione ufficiale in Chiapas, Messico. gruppi musulmani e popoli di tutto il mondo verranno a Chiapas e sposarsi con le tribù Maya locali. La vendetta del Maya con l’aiuto di Islam e gruppi come ISIS sarà distruggere il caos sul Messico, America Centrale e Stati Uniti d’America. Gli ebrei non saranno mai più al sicuro in America. Anche gli indigeni nativi americani con Stati Uniti, Canada, Caraibi, la Groenlandia e le altre tribù indigene dell’America Latina saranno abbracciare l’Islam troppo. **** Dutch ISIS (ISIL / IS) of Islamitische Staat of Daesh, Al Qaeda, de islam en moslims zijn nu in de inheemse volkeren van Latijns-Amerika, zoals het zuiden van Mexico, Guatemala, Midden-Amerika Noord-Driehoek, het Panamakanaal, Colombia, Andes, Amazon, Guyana, Triple Border Gewest en Patagonië. Southern Mexico is nu het land van de Maya-moslims. Islam is nu de religie en zal een officiële godsdienst in Chiapas, Mexico worden. Moslimgroepen en volkeren van over de hele wereld zal naar Chiapas komen en huwen met de lokale Maya stammen. De wraak van de Maya’s met de hulp van de islam en groepen als ISIS zal wrak ravage op Mexico, Centraal-Amerika en de Verenigde Staten van Amerika. Joden zullen nooit meer veilig zijn in Amerika. Ook de inheemse indianen met de Verenigde Staten, Canada, het Caribisch gebied, Groenland en de andere inheemse stammen van Latijns-Amerika zal de islam te omarmen. ***** Swedish ISIS (ISIL / IS) eller islamisk stat eller Daesh, al-Qaida, islam och muslimer är nu i ursprungsbefolkningen i Latinamerika som Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Centralamerika Northern Triangle, Panamakanalen , Colombia, Anderna, Amazon, Guyanas, Triple gränsområdet och Patagonia. Southern Mexico är nu landet av Maya muslimer. Islam är nu religionen och kommer att bli en officiell religion i Chiapas, Mexiko. Muslimska grupper och folk från hela världen kommer till Chiapas och beblanda med de lokala Maya stammarna. Hämnd av Maya med hjälp av islam och grupper som ISIS kommer vraket förödelse på Mexiko, Centralamerika och USA. Judar kommer aldrig vara säker i Amerika längre. Även den inhemska indianer med USA, Kanada, Karibien, Grönland och andra infödda stammar i Latinamerika kommer att omfatta Islam också. **** Danish ISIS (ISIL / IS) eller islamisk stat eller Daesh, al-Qaeda, islam og muslimer er nu i de oprindelige folk i Latinamerika ligesom det sydlige Mexico, Guatemala, Mellemamerika nordlige trekant, Panamakanalen, Colombia, Andesbjergene, Amazonas, Guyanas, Triple grænseregionen og Patagonien. Southern Mexico er nu landet med de Maya muslimer. Islam er nu den religion og vil blive en officiel religion i Chiapas, Mexico. Muslimske grupper og folk fra hele verden vil komme til Chiapas og gifte med de lokale Maya stammer. Den hævn af Maya med hjælp fra islam og grupper som ISIS vil vraget ravage på Mexico, Mellemamerika og USA. Jøder vil aldrig være i sikkerhed i Amerika længere. Også de indfødte indianere med USA, Canada, Caribien, Grønland og de andre indfødte stammer i Latinamerika vil omfavne Islam også. ***** Russian ISIS (ISIL / IS) или исламское государство или Daesh, Аль-Каида, Ислам и мусульмане в настоящее время в коренных народах Латинской Америки как Южная Мексика, Гватемала, Центральная Америка Северной Треугольнике, Панамский канал, Колумбия, Анды, Амазонка, Guyanas, Тройные Пограничный район и Патагонии. Южная Мексика теперь земля мусульман майя. Ислам теперь религия и станет официальной религией в штате Чьяпас, Мексика. Мусульманские группы и народы со всего мира соберутся в Чьяпас и породниться с местными племенами майя. Отмщение майя с помощью ислама и групп, как ISIS разрушит хаос в Мексике, Центральной Америке и Соединенных Штатах Америки. Евреи никогда не будут в безопасности в Америке больше. Кроме того, коренные коренные американцы с США, Канадой, странами Карибского бассейном, Гренландией и другими местными племенами Латинской Америки принять ислам тоже. ***** Portuguese ISIS (ISIL / IS) ou Estado Islâmico ou Daesh, Al Qaeda, Islam e muçulmanos estão agora nos povos indígenas da América Latina como o México do Sul, Guatemala, Triângulo Norte da América Central, Canal do Panamá, Colômbia, Andes, Amazonas, Guiana Região Fronteiriça e Patagônia. Sul do México é agora a terra dos muçulmanos maia. O Islam é agora a religião e se tornará uma religião oficial em Chiapas, no México. Grupos muçulmanos e povos de todo o mundo virão a Chiapas e se casarão com as tribos maias locais. A vingança dos maias com a ajuda do Islã e de grupos como o ISIS causará estragos no México, na América Central e nos Estados Unidos da América. Os judeus nunca mais estarão seguros na América. Também os indígenas nativos americanos com os Estados Unidos, Canadá, Caribe, Groenlândia e as outras tribos nativas da América Latina abraçará o Islã também. ****** Malaysian ISIS (ISIL / IS) atau Negara Islam atau Daesh, Al Qaeda, Islam dan umat Islam kini berada dalam Orang Asal di Amerika Latin seperti Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Amerika Tengah Utara Triangle, Panama Canal, Colombia, Andes, Amazon, Guyanas, Triple sempadan Wilayah dan Patagonia. kini selatan Mexico adalah tanah umat Islam Mayan. Masuk Islam adalah agama dan akan menjadi agama rasmi di Chiapas, Mexico. kumpulan Islam dan bangsa-bangsa dari seluruh dunia akan datang ke Chiapas dan kawin-mengawin dengan suku-suku Maya tempatan. Dendam Maya dengan bantuan Islam dan kumpulan-kumpulan seperti ISIS akan menghancurkan-hara di Mexico, Amerika Tengah dan Amerika Syarikat. Yahudi tidak akan selamat di Amerika lagi. Juga asli Amerika Indigenous dengan Amerika Syarikat, Kanada, Caribbean, Greenland dan suku kaum asli lain di Amerika Latin akan memeluk Islam juga. **** Indonesia ISIS (ISIL / IS) atau Negara Islam atau Daesh, Al Qaeda, Islam dan Muslim kini berada di Masyarakat Adat Amerika Latin seperti Meksiko Selatan, Guatemala, Amerika Tengah Segitiga Utara, Panama Canal, Kolombia, Andes, Amazon, Guyanas, Triple Daerah perbatasan dan Patagonia. Meksiko selatan sekarang tanah Muslim Maya. Islam sekarang agama dan akan menjadi agama resmi di Chiapas, Meksiko. kelompok-kelompok Muslim dan orang-orang dari seluruh dunia akan datang ke Chiapas dan kawin dengan suku-suku Maya setempat. Pembalasan dari Maya dengan bantuan Islam dan kelompok-kelompok seperti ISIS akan merusak malapetaka pada Meksiko, Amerika Tengah dan Amerika Serikat. Yahudi tidak akan pernah aman di Amerika lagi. Juga Adat penduduk asli Amerika dengan Amerika Serikat, Kanada, Karibia, Greenland dan suku-suku asli lainnya dari Amerika Latin akan memeluk Islam juga. **** Albanian ISIS (ISIL / IS) ose Shteti Islamik apo Daesh, Al Qaeda, Islami dhe muslimanët janë tani në Popujt indigjenë të Amerikës Latine si Jugore Meksikë, Guatemala, Amerikën Qendrore Veriore Triangle, Panama Canal, Kolumbi, Ande, Amazon, Guyanas, e trefishtë Rajoni kufitar dhe Patagoni. Southern Mexico është tani vendi i muslimanëve Mayan. Islami është tani feja dhe do të bëhet një fe zyrtare në Chiapas, Meksikë. grupet myslimane dhe popujt nga e gjithë bota do të vijnë në Chiapas dhe bashkohemi me martesë me fiset lokale Maya. Hakmarrja e Maya me ndihmën e Islamit dhe grupeve si ISIS do të thyej kërdi në Meksikë, Amerika Qendrore dhe Shtetet e Bashkuara të Amerikës. Çifutët nuk do të jetë e sigurt në Amerikë më. Gjithashtu indigjene Gjuha amerikanët me Shtetet e Bashkuara, Kanada, Karaibe, Grenlandë dhe fiset e tjera të native të Amerikës Latine do të përqafojnë Islamin too. **** Bosnian ISIS (ISIL / IS) ili Islamska država ili Daesh, Al Kaida, islam i muslimane su sada u autohtone narode Latinske Amerike kao što su Southern Meksiko, Gvatemala, Centralna Amerika Sjeverna Triangle, Panamski kanal, Kolumbija, Anda, Amazon, Guyanas, Triple Border Region i Patagonije. Južnom Meksiku je sada zemlja Maja muslimana. Islam je sada religija i da će postati zvanična religija u Chiapas, Meksiko. Muslimanskih grupa i naroda iz cijelog svijeta će doći do Chiapas i brakove sa lokalnim Maya plemena. Osvete Maja uz pomoć islama i grupa poput ISIS će izazivaju nerede na Meksiko, Srednja Amerika i Sjedinjene Američke Države. Jevreji nikada neće biti siguran u Americi više. Takođe, autohtonih Indijanaca sa Sjedinjenim Državama, Kanadi, Karibima, Grenlanda i drugi native plemena Latinske Amerike će prihvatiti islam previše.
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